10A Micro-Ohmmeter Meter Only AEMC 6240

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AEMC 6240 - 10A Micro-Ohmmeter Meter Only

Catalog 2131.02

Micro-Ohmmeter Model 6240 (10A, Instantaneous, Continuous, Multiple Test with DataView Software, Kelvin Clips/Probes not included)

10A micro-ohmmeter

This version does not include kelvin clips/probes

Catalog number 2131.02

Reliable low resistance measurements

Four-terminal Kelvin resistance measurement eliminates test lead resistance

Measures up to 4000μΩ with 10A of test current

0.25% basic accuracy

1μΩ resolution

Direct reading, easy to operate

Test current selection of 1mA, 10mA, 100mA, 1A, and 10A

In The Box


Extra-large Tool Bag

Optical USB Cable

US 115V Power Cord

(2) Spare Fuses (12.5A)

NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack

USB Thumb Drive supplied with a User Manual and DataView Software

Note: kelvin clips/probes sold separately

Measurement Range5.0 to 3999 µΩ4.0 to 39.99 mΩ40.0 ­to 399.9 mΩ400 to 3999 mΩ4.0 to 39.99 Ω40.0 to 399.9 Ω
Resolution1 µΩ10 µΩ100 µΩ1 mΩ10 mΩ100 mΩ
Accuracy±(0.25%R + 2ct)
Measurement Current10.2 A ±2%1.02 A ±2%102 mA ±2%10.2 mA ±2%
Open Voltage4 to 6V
Inductance0.5 H Max
Voltage Measurement Indication
Measurement Range0.01 to 3.999 mV4 to 39.99 mV40 to 399.9 mV0.4 to 3.999 V4 to 4.70 V
Resolution1 µV10 µV100 µV1 mV10 mV
Current  Measurement Indication
Measurement Range5.0 to 39.99 mA40.0 to 399.9 mA0.4 to 3.999 A4 to 11.00 A
Resolution10 µA100 µA1 mA10 mA
General Specifications
Storage Memory99 tests, supplied with DataView® software for download and reporting
Automatic Storage of Test ResultsYes
BatteryRechargeable NIMH battery pack 6V, 8.5Ah.
Battery Life10 A≥ 850  tests with a duty cycle of 5 seconds on and 25s off
1 A≥ 3500 tests with a duty cycle of 5 seconds on and 25s off
100 mA≥ 4500 tests with a duty cycle of 5 seconds on and 25s off
10 mA≥ 5000 tests with a duty cycle of 5 seconds on and 25s off
In standby modeBattery life 4 to 6 months
Dimensions (L x W x H)10.70 x 9.76 x 7.18” (272 x 248 x 182 mm)
Weight10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Operating Temperature-10° to +55°C (14° to 131°F) & 10 to 85% RH
Storage Temperature (without battery)-40° to +70°C (-40° to 158°F) & 10 to 90% RH
Altitude Operating2000 m
IP RatingIP 54 per IEC 60529 cover closed
SafetyIEC/EN 61010-1 category III 50V, Pollution Degree 2

Milliohm Meter

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