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BUCK SCIENTIFIC 300 - Sodium Analyzer
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300 -  Sodium Analyzer

Thermal Excitation of Sodium, Lithium and potassium in a low temperature flame gives atomic line emmision sufficient detection levels of:

8ppt Sodium
5ppt Lithium
15ppt Potassium.

The optical range is 589 to 766
The system is designed for high throughput in the visible range with sufficient resolution to discriminate against flame background radiation
ASTM D1428 (20-200ppb) and ASTM D2791 (0.1-20ppb) procedures are simplified and freed from previous instrumental limitations associated with light leaks and electronic stability
Single point calibration in the range of 0-20ppb is practical.
High volume throughput rate of sampling system ensures integrity of sample purity during analysis
Available both as an online instrument and as a laboratory unit for grab samples
Outstanding ease of use
Economically priced

Product Name: Model 300 Sodium Analyzer
Unit Price: QUOTE
Package Type: Each
Units Per Package: 1
Minimum Order Quantity: 1

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