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420 Continuous Flow Hydride Generator
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Jual 420 Continuous Flow Hydride Generator

Spesifikasi 420 Continuous Flow Hydride Generator


420 Continuous Flow Hydride Generator

The Model 420 is an easily adaptable accessory for flame AA spectrophotometers that allows PPT detectability for As, Se, Sb, Sn, Te, Bi, and Ge using standard hydride generation procedures. Using inert Polymer components and a reliable pumping system, users can quickly switch between flame and hydride.

Allows superior detection limits for hydride metals compared to graphite furnace AAS, typically in the 100-500 PPT.

Does not require hydrogen gas.

Easy installation and removal for changing back to flame operation.

Four order of magnitude dynamic range using the Buck model 210/211 system for highest accuracy over a wide range of sample concentrations minimizing dilutions and errors.

Inert tubing gives rapid equilibration time allowing typical throughputs of 50 samples per hour with reproducibilities of better than 2% at the 500 PPT level.

Detection Limits for 
Buck 420 Hydride Generator

Wavelength (ABS)Min. Detection LimitTypical RSD@10PPB
Arsenic (As)
193.7 nm0.15 PPB1.50%
Bismuth (Bi)
223.1 nm0.25 PPB2.10%
Antimony (Sb)
206.8 nm0.20 PPB1.80%
Selenium (Se)
196.0 nm0.35 PPB2.60%
Tin (Sn)
286.3 nm1.0 PPB8.50%
Tellurium (Te)
214.3 nm0.30 PPB3.10%


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