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ACT2300 Coating Thickness Gauge
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Jual ACT2300 Coating Thickness Gauge

Spesifikasi ACT2300 Coating Thickness Gauge

ACT2300 Coating Thickness Gauge

It meets the standards of both ISO2178 and ISO-2361 as well as DIN, ASTM and BS. Suitable for the laboratory and for use in harsh field conditions.

* The gauge can measure the thickness of non-magnetic coating layers on magnetic substrate. Such as: (aluminum, chrome, copper, enamel, rubber, paint) on magnetic substrate (steel, iron, alloy and magnetic stainless steel)..

* The gauge can measure the thickness of non-metals coatings layers covered on non-magnetic metals substrate. Such as: (enamel, rubber, paint, vanish, plastic anodic-oxide layer) covered on non-magnetic metals substrate (aluminum, brass, zinc and nonmagnetic stainless steel).


* Small style design, conveniently carry

* Complete intelligentized design, easily operate

* Rapid measure, excellent repeated performance

* Zero adjustment, second point adjustment

* LCD digital display

* The metric system /Englandsystem unit transform

* There is bee ring song prompt during operation

* Automatic probe recognition

* Manual or automatic shut down


Technology parameter

* Range: 0-1250um

* Accuracy: ±[(1%~3%)]H±1.5um

* Resolution:0.1um (0~99.9um)

1um (over 100um)

* Environment temperature: 0-40℃

* Relative humidity: ≤85%

* Power supply: 1.5V×2

* Weight:280g

* Dimension: 102×66×24mm

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