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AJR NDT AVM-63A Pocketable Vibration Meter
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AVM-63A Pocket vibration (temperature) instrument, mainly used in machinery and equipment vibration displacement, velocity (intensity) and the acceleration, temperature parameters of the measurement instrument in the bearing housing using the measured data, the control of international standard ISO2372 , Or the use of enterprises, the standard machine, you can determine the equipment (fans, pumps, compressors, motors, etc.) in which the current state (well, pay attention or dangerous, etc.).


AVM-63A: Built-in probe

Sensors: one rotary shear accelerometer

Split charge amplifier built-in shear accelerometer

Range: Acceleration 0.1 ~199.9m/s2 (single peak) (5 or 10 ~ 1KHz; 1K ~15KHz)
Speed of 0.1 ~199.9mm/ s (RMS) (5 or 10 ~ 1KHz)
Displacement of 0.001 ~1.999mm(peak) (5 or 10 ~ 1KHz)
Temperature0 ℃~400 ℃
Accuracy: 5% ± 2 vibration words
Temperature 1% ± 1 word
Display: LCD display three and a half
Maintain Characteristics: measurement value is automatically maintained, automatic shutdown delay
Signal Output: AC 2V peak (full scale and the load is greater than 10K ohms)
Power:9V laminated battery 1 can be used continuously 25 hours

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