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AJR NDT BS-2000 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
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BS-2000 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

BS-2000 B scan inspect imaging system realizes PE pipe’s difficult detection through unique frequency conversion/mixing technologies, may use for B image scanning of metal, nonmetallic and compound materials.

Plastic pipes have characteristic of corrosion-resistant, gradually replace traditional metal pipes for extensive use. The applications are related to every aspect of production and life, if the quality can not be guaranteed or damaged after use, thus security risk would be incalculable. So there must be high performance and efficient detection equipment used for monitoring. B imaging detection system can make B scan imaging for metal, non-metallic and composite materials, in particular, it can be used for the detection of plastic pipes.
BS-2000 B scan inspect imaging system originated with us in the country, which through a unique frequency mixing method and a 5MHz probe required can slove detection problems of PE tubes within100mm, this technology keep ahead in the world.
Computer keyboard operation, concise interface
Large capacity memory,

Probe frequency conversion technology, a piece of 5MHz probe can solve PE pipe’s detection within100mm.


Full focus B-display technology,

Clear image and easy to observe

Easy to study and operate

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