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Fluke 434-II Three-Phase Energy Analyzer
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Fluke 434-II Three-Phase Energy Analyzer

  • Energy loss calculator: Classic active and reactive power measurements, unbalance and harmonic power, are quantified to pinpoint true system energy losses in dollars (other local currencies available).
  • Power inverter efficiency: Simultaneously measure AC output power and DC input power for power electronics systems using optional DC clamp.
  • PowerWave data capture: 435 and 437 Series II analyzers capture fast RMS data, show half-cycle and waveforms to characterize electrical system dynamics (generator start-ups, UPS switching etc.).
  • Waveform capture: 435 and 437 Series II models capture 100/120 cycles (50/60Hz) of each event that is detected in all modes, without set-up.
  • Automatic Transient Mode: 435 and 437 Series II analyzers capture 200 kHz waveform data on all phases simultaneously up to 6 kV.
  • Fully Class-A compliant: 435 and 437 Series II analyzers conduct tests according to the stringent international IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A standard.
  • Mains signaling: 435 and 437 Series II analyzers measure interference from ripple control signals at specific frequencies.
Technical Data
Voltage inputs
Number of inputs4 (3 phase + neutral) dc-coupled
Maximum input voltage1000 Vrms
Nominal voltage rangeSelectable 1 V to 1000 V
Max. peak measurement voltage6 kV (transient mode only)
Input impedance4 MΩ//5 pF
Bandwidth> 10 kHz, up to 100 kHz for transient mode
Scaling1:1, 10:1, 100:1, 1,000:1 10,000:1 and variable
Current inputs
Number of inputs4 (3 phase + neutral) dc- or ac-coupled
TypeClamp or current transformer with mV output or i430flex-TF
Range0.5 Arms to 600 Arms with included i430flex-TF (with sensitivity 10x)
5 Arms to 6000 Arms with included i430flex-TF (with sensitivity 1x)
0.1 mV/A to 1 V/A and custom for use with optional ac or dc clamps
Input impedance1 MΩ
Bandwidth> 10 kHz
Scaling1:1, 10:1, 100:1, 1,000:1 10,000:1 and variable
Sampling system
Resolution16 bit analog to digital converter on 8 channels
Maximum sampling speed200 kS/s on each channel simultaneously
RMS sampling5000 samples on 10/12 cycles according to IEC61000-4-30
PLL synchronization4096 samples on 10/12 cycles according to IEC61000-4-7
Nominal frequency434-II and 435-II: 50 Hz and 60 Hz
437-II: 50 Hz, 60 Hz and 400 Hz
Display modes
Waveform displayAvailable in all modes via SCOPE key
435-II and 437-II: Default display mode for Transients function
Update rate 5x per second
Displays 4 cycles of waveform data on screen, up to 4 waveforms simultaneously
Phasor diagramAvailable in all modes via Scope waveform display
Default view for Unbalance mode
Meter readingsAvailable in all modes except Monitor and Transients, provides tabulated view of all available readings
Fully customizable up to 150 readings for Logger mode
Trend graphAvailable in all modes except Transients
Single vertical cursor with min max and avg reading at cursor position
Bar graphProvides 50/60** cycles of waveform information and associated 1/2 cycle rms values for Volts and Amps
Measurement modes
Scope4 voltage waveforms, 4 current waveforms, Vrms, Vfund. Arms, A fund, V @ cursor, A @ cursor, phase angles
Volts/amps/hertzVrms phase to phase, Vrms phase to neutral, Vpeak, V Crest Factor, Arms Apeak, A Crest Factor, Hz
Dips and swellsVrms½, Arms½, Pinst with programmable threshold levels for event detection
Harmonics dc, 1 to 50, up to 9th harmonic for 400 HzHarmonics Volts, THD, Harmonic Amps, K factor Amps, Harmonic Watts, THd Watts, K factor Watts, Interharmonic
Volts, Interharmonic Amps, Vrms, Arms (relative to fundamental or to total rms)
Power and energyVrms, Arms, Wfull, Wfund., VAfull, VAfund., VAharmonics, VAunbalance, var, PF, DPF, CosQ, Efficiency factor, Wforward, Wreverse
Energy loss calculatorWfund, VAharmonics, VAunbalance, var, A, Loss Active, Loss Reactive, Loss Harmonics, Loss Unbalance, Loss Neutral, Loss Cost (based upon user defined cost / kWh)
Inverter efficiency (requires optional dc current clamp)Wfull, Wfund, Wdc, Efficiency, Vdc, Adc, Vrms, Arms, Hz
UnbalanceVneg%, Vzero%, Aneg%, Azero%, Vfund, Afund, V phase angles, A phase angles
InrushInrush current, Inrush duration, Arms½, Vrms½
MonitorVrms, Arms, harmonic Volts, THD Volts, PLT, Vrms½, Arms½, Hz, dips, swells, interruptions, rapid voltage changes, unbalance and mains signalling.
All parameters are measured simultaneously in accordance with EN50160 Flagging is applied according to IEC61000-4-30 to indicate unreliable readings due to dips or swells
Flicker (435-II and 437-II only)Pst(1min), Pst, Plt, Pinst, Vrms ½, Arms ½, Hz
Transients (435-II and 437-II only)Transient waveforms 4x Voltage 4x Amps, triggers: Vrms ½, Arms ½, Pinst
Mains Signaling (435-II and 437-II only)Relative signaling voltage and absolute signaling voltage averaged over three seconds for up to two selectable signaling frequencies
Power Wave (435-II and 437-II only)Vrms½, Arms½ W, Hz and scope waveforms for voltage amps and watts
LoggerCustom selection of up to 150 PQ parameters measured simultaneously on 4 phases
General specifications
CaseDesign Rugged, shock proof with integrated protective holster
Drip and dust proof IP51 according to IEC60529 when used in tilt stand position
Shock and vibration Shock 30 g, vibration: 3 g sinusoid, random 0.03 g 2 /Hz according to MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2
DisplayBrightness: 200 cd/m 2 typ. using power adapter, 90 cd/m 2 typical using battery power
Size: 127 mm x 88 mm (153 mm/6.0 in diagonal) LCD
Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
Contrast and brightness: user-adjustable, temperature compensated
Memory8GB SD card (SDHC compliant, FAT32 formatted) standard, upto 32GB optionally
Screen save and multiple data memories for storing data including recordings (dependent on memory size)
Real-time clockTime and date stamp for Trend mode, Transient display, System Monitor and event capture
Operating temperature0 °C ~ +40 °C; +40 °C ~ +50 °C excl. battery
Storage temperature-20 °C ~ +60 °C
Humidity+10 °C ~ +30 °C: 95 % RH non-condensing
+30 °C ~ +40 °C: 75 % RH non-condensing
+40 °C ~ +50 °C: 45 % RH non-condensing
Maximum operating altitudeUp to 2,000 m (6666 ft) for CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V
Up to 3,000 m (10,000 ft) for CAT III 600 V, CAT II 1000 V
Maximum storage altitude 12 km (40,000 ft)
Electro-Magnetic-Compatibility (EMC)EN 61326 (2005-12) for emission and immunity
Interfacesmini-USB-B, Isolated USB port for PC connectivity
SD card slot accessible behind instrument battery
WarrantyThree years (parts and labor) on main instrument, one year on accessories
Phase angle Measurement range:-360° … +360°
Included accessories
Power optionsBC430 Power Adapter
International plug adapter set
BP290 (Single capacity Li-ion battery) 28Wh (7 hours or more)
LeadsTL430 Test lead and Alligator clip set
Color codingWC100 color coding clips and regional decals
Flexible current probesi430flex-TF, 24 inch (61cm) length, 4 clamps
Memory, Software and PC connection8 GB SD card
PowerLog on CD (includes operator manuals in PDF format)
USB cable A-Bmini
Carrying caseC1740 Soft Case for 434-II and 435-II
C437 Hard Case with rollers for 437-II


Tech Specs

Power Measurement/Power Quality Analyzer Template

Type (Power Quality)3 Phase, Single Phase
Maximum Current AC6000 A 
Maximum Voltage AC1000 V
True Power / Work ( W)Yes
Apparent Power (VA)Yes
Reactive Power (VAR)Yes
Current Input Channels4
Voltage Input Channels4
Measurement Frequency (Power Quality)50 Hz, 60 Hz
Display (Power Quality)Digital, Graphical, Oscilloscope
Transient CaptureNo
Displays WaveformYes
Phasor DiagramsYes
Power Factor (Power Quality)Yes
Maximum Harmonics Range50
Current Clamps IncludedYes
Class A CompliantNo
Crest FactorYes
CAT RatingIV 
CAT Voltage Rating (V)1000V, 600V
GPS LocationYes 

Test Equipment General Attributes

Unique FeaturesEnergy Loss Calculator: Classic active and reactive power measurements, unbalance and harmonic power, are quantified to pinpoint the fiscal costs of energy losses.
Troubleshoot Real-Time: Analyze the trends using the cursors and zoom tools.
Highest Safety Rating in the Industry: 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rated for use at the service entrance.
Measure All Three Phases and Neutral: With included four flexible current probes with enhanced thin flex design to fit into the tightest places.
Automatic Trending: Every measurement is always automatically recorded, without any set-up.
System-Monitor: Ten power quality parameters on one screen according to EN50160 power quality standard.
Logger Function: Configure for any test condition with memory for up to 600 parameters at user defined intervals.
View Graphs and Generate Reports: With included analysis software.
Battery Life: Seven hours operating time per charge on Li-ion battery pack.
Warranty3 YEARS
Warranty DetailsThree years (parts and labor) on main instrument, one year on accessories
Interfaces I/OUSB
StorageSD Card 
IP RatingIP51 

Power Meter

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