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Fluke 945 Sound Meter
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Jual Fluke 945 Sound Meter

Spesifikasi Fluke 945 Sound Meter

Fluke 945 Sound Meter

Key features

  • Max/Min
  • Frequency weighting ranges: A, C
  • Auto power off
  • Auto ranging
  • Backlit display

Product overview: Fluke 945 Sound Meter

The Fluke 945 Sound Level Meter has been designed to meet the measurement requirements of safety Engineers, Health, Industrial safety offices and quality control in a wide variety of industrial environments. It offers two types of measurements: A weighting and C weighting. The A weighting is for general noise sound level and the C weighting is for measuring sound level of acoustic material control in various environments. The Fluke 945 conforms to the IEC651 Type 2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2, and JISC1502 requirements for Sound Level Meters.


  • Environmental Health and Safety testing and verification
  • Sound testing for education environments
  • Heavy and light industry sound testing
  • Healthcare environment testing
  • Safety testing

Specifications: Fluke 945 Sound Meter

Fluke 945
Measurement parameterRangeResolutionAccuracy
Measurement of environment noise (A weighted)30 to 130 dB0.1 dB±1.5 dB (ref 94dB@1KHZ)
Measurement of mechanical noise (C weighted)35 to 130 dB0.1 dB±1.5 dB (ref 94dB@1KHZ)
Display0.1 dB steps on 4-digit LCD screen
Frequency responseFrom 31.5 Hz to 8 kHz
Recording intervalsFrom 1 second to 8 hours
Safety standardCE, designed to meet IEC651 Type2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2
Microphone0.5-inch electric condenser microphone
Time weightingFast slow
Dimensions200 x 56 32 mm
Warranty1 year

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