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Hach Cat. 2125925 COD Digestion Vials High Range  pk/25
Hach Cat. 2125925 COD Digestion Vials High Range  pk/25
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Hach Cat. 2125925 COD Digestion Vials, High Range  pk/25

For determination of high range Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) by the Reactor Digestion method.
US EPA approved for wastewater analysis using Hach Method 8000.
Range: 20 -1500 mg/L COD. Pack of 25 vials.

EPA Approved
Simpler and Safer
Easy Disposal

Simpler and Safer

Prepared COD reagents eliminate the need for measurement of corrosive and toxic chemicals. Just add sample to the COD vial, digest and measure. Photometric measurements provide accurate results without the equipment and effort required for titrations.
Easy Disposal

Small reagent volumes used in Hach COD vials minimize the volume of spent silver, mercury and chromium waste. Customers in the contiguous 48 United States benefit from the availability of the ezCOD waste recycling program, which provides comprehensive transportation and disposal of COD vials.

Digestion Required:Yes
EPA compliant:Yes
Instrument:All except DR/820, PC II
Method Name:Reactor Digestion
Number of tests:25
Parameters:Chemical Oxygen Demand
Quantity:25 /pk
Range:20 1500 mg/L COD
Unit:25 /pk

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