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Heidolph MR Hei-Heidolph Magnetic Stirrers - 505-20090-00
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Heidolph MR Hei-Heidolph Magnetic Stirrers - 505-20090-00

Heidolph MR Hei-Standard Package - 505-20090-00 • Model: MR Hei-Standard - 5052009000 • Manufactured by: Heidolph Includes : - MR Hei-Standard + EKT Hei-Con with stainless steel temperature sensor, support rod and clamp 800 Watt heating power ( 600 W at 115/ 100 V) Hotplate temperature range: 20 - 300 ° C Medium temperature range up to 250 ° C Speed range: 100 - 1, 400 rpm Speed accuracy: ± 2 % Hotplate with Kera-Disk coating Plate diameter: 145 mm Extra safety control circuit and hot plate cut-out via two independent temperature sensors An independent safety circuit with separate circuit switches off the heating if the nominal hotplate temperature is exceeded by 25 ° C Illuminated switch for actual heating condition Connector for electronic temperature control ( optional EKT Hei-Con) Accuracy temperature setting: ± 1 K with EKT Hei-Con ( optional) Medium temperature control accuracy: ± 1 K with EKT Hei-Con ( optional) Triac guarantees long service life Electronic current limiting to protect the motor Preferred use of Heidolph magnetic stirrers includes smooth to intense mixing of low-viscosity fluids. Depending on the application, they are able to mix and heat at the same time. They are the first choice for decomposing organic and inorganic substances. General Advantages • Flat designed magnetic stirrers with plates in different sizes and shapes • Intuitive operation guidance and illuminated digital display • Heating power of 800 W for fast heating-up • Wide speed range up to 1, 400 rpm • Enhanced heavy-duty stirring magnet drives stirring bars with ease • Excellent stirring results in volumes up to 20 litres ( H2O) • Maintenance-free motors with smooth start feature • High accuracy temperature setting of ± 1 K • High-efficiency motor with low power consumption • Hermetically sealed corrosion-proof aluminium die-cast housing • Complete isolation between hotplate and housing against high and low temperatures. Ideal for cooled samples.

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