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Hioki DT4282 Digital Multimeter High-End Model
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Jual Hioki DT4282 Digital Multimeter High-End Model

Spesifikasi Hioki DT4282 Digital Multimeter High-End Model

Hioki DT4282 Digital Multimeter High-End Model

Digital Multi Meter with PC Interface

  • 60000 count, 5-digit display, high-resolution measurements
  • ±0.025% DC V basic accuracy, wide 20 Hz to 100 kHz AC V frequency characteristics
  • Low-pass filter cuts high harmonics (when measuring inverter fundamental waveforms)
  • Includes multiple measurement functions such as DC+ACV, temperature, capacitance, and frequency
  • Includes terminal shutter mechanism for accident prevention (prevents erroneous test lead insertion)
  • Measures large currents with optional clamp probe (only for DT4281, which has no 10 A terminal for accident prevention)
  • USB communications function supports PC measurements (optional)
  • Broad -15 (5°F) to 55°C (131°F) operating temperature range

Manufacturer Specs

Hioki DT4200 Series Basic Comparison
Basic Characteristics
True RMSYesYesYes
DCV basic accuracy±0.025 %rdg. ±2 dgt.±0.3 %rdg. ±5 dgt.±0.3 %rdg. ±3 dgt.±0.5 %rdg. ±5 dgt.
Measurement items (Typical ranges are indicated; may not reflect maximum or minimum measurable signal)
DC voltage60 mV to 1000 V600 mV to 1000 V600 mV to 1500 V600 mV to 1000 V600 mV to 600 V
AC voltage60 mV to 1000 V6 V to 1000 V6 V to 600 V
DCV + ACV6 V to 1000 Vn/an/a
DCA current600 μA to 600 mA600 μA to 10 A6 A to 10 A60 μA to 60 mAn/a60 mA to 10 An/a
ACA current600 μA to 600 mA600 μA to 10 A6 A to 10 An/a600 mA to 10 An/a
AC clamp10 A to 1000 An/an/a10 A to 1000 An/a10 A to 1000 A10 A to 1000 An/a
Resistance60 Ω to 600 MΩ600 Ω to 60 MΩn/a600 Ω to 60 MΩn/a600 Ω to 60 MΩ
Temperature-40°C to 800°Cn/a-40°C to 400°Cn/an/a
Capacitance1 nF to 100 mF1 μF to 10 mFn/a1 μF to 10 mFn/a1 μF to 10 mF
Frequency99 Hz to 500 kHz99 Hz to 99 kHz99 Hz to 9.9 kHz
Continuity checkYesYesn/aYesYes
Diode checkYesYesn/aYesn/aYes
Voltage detectionn/an/aYesYesn/a
Additional Functions
AUTO AC/DCVn/an/aYesYesn/a
Peak measurementDC/ACn/an/a
Low-pass filterAnalog filter
Cut-off : 630 Hz
Digital filter
Pass-band : 100Hz/500Hz
Digital filter
Pass-band : 100Hz/500Hz
Display update settingYesn/an/a
Max/Min value displayYesYesn/a
Relative displayYesYesYes
Decibel conversionYesn/an/a
Percentage conversion displayYesn/aYesn/aYesn/a
DC voltage polarity checkn/an/aYesn/a
Data storage
CapacityMax 400 datan/an/a
USB communication*1YesYesn/a
Operating time
Continuous operating timeApprox. 100 hours*2Approx. 130 hoursApprox. 40 hours
Power supplyAlkaline (LR6) battery ×4 / Manganese(R6P) battery ×4Alkaline (LR03) battery ×4Alkaline (LR03) battery ×1
Back lightYesYesYes
Dual displayYesYesn/a
Bar graph displayn/aYesYes
Safety standard categoriesCATIII1000 V/ CATIV600 VCATIII1000 V/ CATIV600 VCATIII600 V/ CATIV300 V
Mis-insertion prevention shuttersYesn/an/a

*1. Requires optional DT4900-01 Communication Package

*2. When using four AA alkaline batteries

Tech Specs

Multimeters Template

Measures AC VYes
Measures DC VYes
Measures AC AYes
Measures DC AYes
True RMSYes
Maximum Voltage AC1000 V
Minimum Voltage AC10 mV
Maximum Voltage DC1000 V
Minimum Voltage DC10 mV
Maximum Current AC10 A
Minimum Current AC60 uA (0.06 mA)
Maximum Current DC10 A
Minimum Current DC60 uA (0.06 mA)
Basic Accuracy V DC0.025%
# Digit Display5
Counts60000 .
Dual DisplayYes
Analog Bargraph on DisplayNo
Diode TestingYes
CAT RatingIV
CAT Voltage600 V
Intrinsically SafeNo
Peak HoldYes
Overload ProtectorYes
Kelvin 4-Wire Measurement CapabilityNo
Wireless DisplayNo
Data HoldYes
Low-Pass FilterYes

Test Equipment General Attributes

Unique FeaturesMax/Min value display
Measurement memory 400points
Terminal shutter mechanism prevents erroneous lead insertion
Measure larger current with optional clamps
Interfaces I/OUSB
Product Height2.09 IN
Product Length7.76 IN
Product Width3.66 IN
Data LoggingYes 
HTS/Schedule B Number9030.33.3400
ECCN Number3A992
Battery TypeAA
Power Supply VoltageBattery Powered
Country of OriginJapan
Shipping Height2.75 IN
Shipping Length10.00 IN
Shipping Width5.00 IN


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