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Intelligent Digital Rotary Viscometer
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BGD Series Intelligent Digital Rotary Viscometers utilize a backlit LCD digital display, 16 bit micro-computer and a highly accurate stepper motor. The meter is stable and accurate in motion

The display directly demonstrates the viscosity, rotating speed, rotor number and the maximum viscosity measured for the rotor selected for the current rotating speed. The main controlling board, subsection drive board are all manufactured by adopting the Surface Mount Technology (SMT). The circuit is adopted by the microprocessor that is most advanced available. An RS232 port is provided. The layout for printing can be set up by the user. The full range and linearity at points are adjusted by PC interface . Its performance and functions are of the highest standard.

The combination of the different-selected speeds(adjustable variable speed) and the spindle set provides flexibility in operation, complying with numerous requirements of product analysis and industrial quality control standards.

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BGD 155/1

BGD 155/2

BGD 155/3

Measurement Range (mPa.s)




R.P.M (per min)




Rotor Amount

No.1, No.2, No 3, No 4 are standard configurations (#0 is optional)



±1.0% (of the full range)



Power Supply

Power Supply Adapter ( input 110/220 V 50 /60 Hz, output 15v 1.2A)

Optional Accessories

BGD 1601---Low viscosity adapter (the No.0 rotor)

BGD 1602---Small sample adapter (comes with NO.21、NO.27、NO.28、NO.29)

BGD 1603---Mini single color printer

BGD 1606—Viscometer data collection and graphing software


1. If customer needs the small sample adapter, the machine would come with NO.21、NO.27、NO.28、NO.29 rotor(the normal rotors are No.1, No.2, No 3, No 4). Please clarify before ordering if extra rotors are required.

2.     If selected the small sample adapter, the measurement range would be as below:

BGD 155/1:10-100,000 (100K)mPa.s

BGD 155/2:10-1,000,000 (1M)mPa.s

BGD 155/3:50-10,000,000(10M) mPa.s

THD Series----Low Temperature Thermostatic Bath

BGD 1600----Standard Oil(500ml)

BGD 1601----Low Viscosity Adapter(The 0th rotor and can measure 0.1mPa.s sample)

BGD 1602----Small Sample Adapter(It’s specially designed for customers with small samples and requires only a quantity as small as 5~18ml;Sample cup is easily cleaned, installed, removed, and observed;Accurate data of shear rate and shear stress can be obtained for a minute analysis of the fluid characteristics of the sample;One-off sample cups are available)

BGD 1603----Mini Single Color Printer

BGD 1604----RTD Thermometer(-20℃~120℃)

BGD 1605----Thermoses(It has been designed to accurately measure the viscosity of heated oil, paraffin, asphalt emulsions, medicine, high polymer and similar liquid materials at high temperatures. It allows control of a sample’s temperature at a range of room temperature +300℃. It can program the intelligent thermostat and ensures its temperature fluctuation within 0.1℃. Sample dosage is as small as 10ml, and one-off sample cups are available. Standard type of SC4 spindle can be applied, which is easy to use)

BGD 1603 Mini Single Color Printer

BGD 1607----BGD 155 Viscometer data collection and graphing software(Automated data collection; resulting in viscometer graph, and recording measuring data each time;Allowing comparison of at most 10 history data;Output Excel documents)

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