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Jenco 3840
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VisionPlus EC3840 is an easy to use, IP67 rated portable conductivity meter with TDS, salinity and temperature readouts.  Key features include a water-proof / dust-proof body, 4-wire conductivity cell, selectable cell constant and adjustable TDS coefficient.

  • Simultaneous display of conductivity, salinity or TDS with temp. measurements
  • Selectable cell constants for true wide range readings
  • Adjustable TDS coefficient, reference temp. , temp. coefficient for most flexible and accurate TDS readings
  • Automatically finds the most suitable display range for your measurements
  • Accepts 4-wire conductivity cell
  • Uses one conductivity cell for conductivity, salinity and TDS measurements
  • IP67 rated body for water-proof (up to 1 meter) and dust-proof operation
  • Removable shock-resistant rubber boot

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