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 Koehler K90590 Automatic Potentiometric  TAN TBN Titrator
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31 Okt 2019
United States
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Koehler  K90590 TAN-TBN Titrator

Test Method

For determination of Total Acid Number (TAN), Total Base Number (TBN), Mercaptan Sulfur and Karl Fischer Water Content of petroleum products, lubricants and transformer insulating oils. Titration is the fundamental chemical analysis procedure whereby the concentration of a chemical substance in solution is determined by reacting it with a measured amount of another chemical. The Auto titrator performs this analysis using a motor driven dispenser, stirred reaction vessel and electrodes which sense the completion of reaction by measuring the potential difference between two electrodes. Automatic Titration increases accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility as well as minimizing errors in calculation and documentation.


Conforms to the Specifications of: 

ASTM D664, D2896, D3227, D4739

Principle: Volume determination by equivalence point, end point or pH STAT.

Control: Microcontroller based

mV range: ± 3200 mV.

Accuracy: ± 0.1 mV (± 0.0016 pH).

Amplifier input impedance: > 10 ohms

Burette Resolution: 1/5000 for 5 ml, 1/10000 for 10 ml, 1/5000 for 25 ml.

Filling time: Less than 20 seconds

Keyboard: Alphanumeric splash waterproof polyester soft keys.

Display: 40 x 2 line back lighted liquid crystal display (LCD).

Titration Head: Manual stand with swiveling arm.

Stirrer System: Microcontroller based variable speed, high torque vortex stirrer with digital indication. (Magnetic Stirrer optional)

Sensors: Electrodes for Potentiometric titration - (pH, Ion, Redox, Argentometric).

        a) Any combination electrode.

        b) Differential Electrode System comprising sensing (Indicator) Electrode with BNC Connector and Reference Electrode with 4mm Banana Connector. Electrode for KF/Voltametric titration with BNC/TNC Connectors.

Temperature sensor (PRT/PT100) Calibration: 3-point Calibration with user entered buffer values and standardization with 7 pH buffer.

End Point detection:

        a) Potentiometric

        b) Voltametric

        c) Thermometric and Photometric.

Cut-off criteria: 

        a) Volume

        b) End point

        c) mV/pH.


        a) Acid base

        b) Nonaqueous

        c) Redox

        d) Preciptiation

        e) Complexometric

        f) back titration

KF titration (Optional)


        a) Molarity

        b) % Assay(wt),

        c) % volume (ml)

        d) ppm

        e) mg/l



        h) meq/l

        i) mol/kg

        j) TAN and TBN for oil samples.

Method Storage: 50 methods with parameters.

Titrant Molarity storage: 20 values
Input/Output Peripheral Interface:
                (a) Parallel Port: 1 - for printer
                (b) Serial Port: 2 - for Balance & PC

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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