Koehler K18110 Mechanical Grease Worker
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Spesifikasi Koehler K18110 Mechanical Grease Worker


For “worked penetration’’ and “prolonged worked penetration” tests to determine consistency of lubricating greases. Consists of single or dual steel ASTM grease workers mounted on a sturdy base and driven by a powerful gear reduction motor. Meets ASTM specifications for stroke length and rate. Equipped with a presetting electronic counter that automatically shuts off the drive motor after any desired number of strokes up to 99,999. Steel grease workers have threaded cup and cover, and steel plunger plate with shaft and handle that connects to eccentric cam on drive unit. Accessory dial thermometer inserts in plated vent cock. Spring loaded tightening clamps hold grease workers securely on base, and steel pins in base facilitate disassembly of grease workers after testing.

Test Method

Penetration tests are performed on petroleum products to determine consistency and shear stability (lubricating greases) for design, quality control and identification purposes. A standard cone or needle is released from a penetrometer and allowed to drop freely into the sample for 5 seconds (or a different specified interval) at constant temperature. The depth of penetration of the cone or needle into the sample is measured in tenths of a millimeter by the penetrometer.


  • Conform to ASTM D217 and related specifications
  • Mechanical and manually operated types
  • Single and double-unit models


Conforms to the specifications of: 

ASTM D217, D4950; IP 50; ISO 2137; DIN 51804; FTM 791-311, 791-313*

*Requires substitution of 270-hole grease worker (K18030)

Drive Motor: fan cooled gear reduction type, 1⁄3hp (single-unit model) or 1⁄2 hp (dual-unit model)

Additional Accessories

  • K18022 Dial Thermometer - Inserts in petcock of steel grease worker. Supplied with adapter.
  • K18021 Overflow Ring - Collects displaced grease during penetration measurements.
  • K18020 Steel Grease Worker - Complete per ASTM specifications. Consists of cup, cover, plunger and vent cock.
  • K18030 Steel Grease Worker - Similar to K18020 above, but with 270-hole plunger plate per FTM 791-313 (AN-G-15) specifications.
  • K18028 Cover Assembly - Replacement cover assembly for steel grease worker. Includes vent cock, plunger plate, shaft and handle.
  • K18029 Grease Cup
  • K18023 Blank Lid, with seal for ASTM Steel Grease Worker. Use when heating samples prior to test.

Included Accessories

  • Mechanical ASTM Steel Grease Worker (1 or 2)

Electrical Requirements

115V 60Hz, Single Phase, 3A
220-240V 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 1.5A

Alat Laboratorium Umum

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