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Koehler K36059 Unsulfonated Residue Tester
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Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D483

Capacity: Four (4) Sulfonation Flasks

Boiling Water Bath Temperature: 100°C

Water Bath Temperature: 25°C ± 0.5°C

Shaking Rate Range: 300 – 500 cycles/min ±10 cycles/min

Test Method

For the determination of unsolfonated residue in plant spray oils of petroleum origin and applies only to the petroleum oil content. Provides a measure of the degree of refinement of plant spray oils by determining the extent to which the oil is attached by 98.61% sulfuric acid under closely standardized conditions.

Included Accessories

  • Flask Carrier
  • Mechanical Shaker
  • Boiling Water Bath

Additional Accessories

  • K36019 Water Bath, 220V 50/60Hz 
  • 332-005-007 Sulfonation Flask 
  • 250-000-09C ASTM 9C Thermometer

Electrical Requirements

115V 60Hz
220V 50/60Hz

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