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Koehler K92000 Timken Tester
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Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D2509, D2782
Test Rig Outer Diameter: 49.22 mm
Test Block: 12.32 x 12.32 x 19.1 mm
Rotational Speed: 100 to 800 RPM
Rate of Loading: 0.9 to 1.3 kg/sec
Dead Weights: 52 kg
Auto Fluid Recirculation Feeder: 3L capacity
Auto Grease Feeder: 45 ± 10 g/min
Preset Timer: 99hrs:59min:59sec
Preset Temperature Controller: up to 100°C
Loading Arm: 1:10 Ratio


  • Compliant to ASTM D2509 and D2782
  • Fluid recirculation system
  • Automatic grease feeder
  • Friction lever and weights
  • 1:10 Loading lever with load cell and digital indicator
  • Oil reservoir with heating system

Test Method

A steel test cup rotating at 800 RPM is pressed against a steel test block. Sample under test is carried by the test cup into the sliding contact. Test load at the contact is progressively increased, score value and OK value are determined.


The Koehler Timken test rig is used to measure the extreme pressure properties of lubricating grease and lubricating fluids. The Timken test rig is operated with a steel cup rotating at 800 rpm pressed against a steel test block. The sample under test is carried by the cup into sliding contact. The test load at the contact is progressively increased and score value and OK load value are determined.

Electrical Requirements

115V 60Hz, Single Phase, 10.2A
220-240V 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 5.3A

Included Accessories

  • Basic Test Rig
  • 2 HP Motor with Frequency Drive
  • Precision Spindle Mounted Rugged Frame
  • Loading Lever with Spring Loaded Pan
  • Friction Lever with Sliding Weight & Pan
  • Load Cell to Measure Normal Load
  • Dead Weights Counter Weights
  • Lubricating Recirculating System
  • Auto Grease Feeder Test Cups (qty. 25) Test Specimens (qty. 25)
  • Power Cables
  • Calibration Reports Tool Kit

Additional Accessories

  • K92090-5 Digital Camera with Microscope and Manually Controlled Stage and Image Capturing Data Acquisition System 
  • K92090-6 Acoustic Sensor 
  • K92090-7 Vibration Sensor

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