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EXOTEK Light Meter LM-1200
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Light Meter LM-1200


  • High measuring Range, up to 400 000 Lux.
  • High accuracy and rapid response.
  • Bar-graph
  • Data-hold function for holding measuring values.
  • Automatic zeroing.
  • Meter corrected for spectral relative efficiency.
  • Correction factor need not be manually calculated for non-standard light sources.
  • Short rise and fall times.
  • Peak-hold function for tracing the peak signal of light pulse with a minimum duration of 10 μs.
  • Auto power off 30 minutes.
  • Maximum and minimum measurements.
  • Relative reading & Reset function.

The Light Meter LM-1200 is a precision instrument used to measure illuminance (lux,

footcandle) in the field. It meets the CIE photopic spectral response specification ans is

fully cosine corrected for the angular incidence of light. The illuminance meter is compact, rugged and easy to handle. The

light sensitive component used in the meter is a very stable, long-life silicon photo diode and spectral response filter.




3-3/4 digit LCD with high speed 42 segment bargraph.

Measuring Range:

NOTE: 1fc= 10.76 lux, 1klux=1000 lux, 1kfc=1000 fc

40.00 - 400.0 Lux 4000 - 40 000 Lux 40 000 - 300 kLux /

40.00 fc - 400.0 fc,

4000 fc,30.00 Kfc.

Overrange Display:

LCD will show “OL” symbol.

Spectral Response:

CIE Photopic. (CIE human eye response curve).

Spectral Accuracy:

CIE Vλ function f1’≤6%

Cosine Response:

f2’ ≤ 2%


±5% rdg ±0.5% f.s.



Sampling Rate:

13.3 times/sec of analog bar-graph indication;1.3times/sec of digital display.

Photo Detector:

One silicon photo diode and spectral response filter.

Operating temperature & Humidity :

0° C to 40° C & 0% to 80% RH.

Storage Temperature & Humidity :

-10° C to 50° C & 0% to 70% RH.

Power Source:

9V battery.

Photo detector Lead Length:

150cm (approx.)

Meter Dimensions (LxWxH):



390 g.

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