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Lovibond Burette Test Kit Case
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Jual Lovibond Burette Test Kit Case

Spesifikasi Lovibond Burette Test Kit Case

Part Number 56A002101

Lovibond Burette Test Kit Case

Burette Methods have been traditionally used for many years in laboratories for highly accurate titrimetric analysis. However, being delicate glass units, outside of the laboratory they are quite cumbersome and easily broken. The Lovibond® Burette test kit has transformed this by combining 10 ml burettes with 250 ml reservoirs allowing for up to 5 burette systems to be incorporated into one robust carry case. The test packs below can be used to construct specific test kits. A multipurpose board is included in the right hand side to hold other equipment from the Lovibond® range such as pH, conductivity and comparator tests.



TestparameterMeasuring RangeMethod No.
Acidity0.01 - 5 % H2SO4  
Alkalinity (P, M, OH)10 - 2000 mg/l CaCO3  
Chloride50 - 2000 mg/l Cl-  
Chlorine (Available)100 - 5000 ppm  
Hardness (Calcium&Magnesium)10 - 2000 mg/l CaCO3  
Nitrite10 - 2000 mg/l NaNO2  
Sulphite10 - 100 mg/l Na2SO3



TitleMeasuring RangePackaging UnitPart Number 
Alkalinity (P,M,Oh) Burette Reagent Pack10 - 2000 mg/l CaCO31 pc.56R012150 
Chloride Burette Reagent Pack50 - 2000 mg/l Cl-1 pc.56R012250 
Hardness Burette Reagent Pack10 - 2000 mg/l CaCO31 pc.56R012450 
Nitrite Burette Reagent Pack10 - 2000 mg/l NaNO21 pc.56R012550 
Acidity Burette Reagent Pack0.01 - 5 % H2SO41 pc.56R012050 
Sulfit Burette Reagent Pack10 - 100 mg/l Na2SO31 pc.56R012650



TitlePart Number 
150 ml Flask56A006401 
Syringe, 20 ml, Plastic56A006501 
Stirring rod and spoon56A006601 
60 ml Plastic Titration Jar With Cap56A006701 
10 ml Burette including reservoir, jet and valve56A006301

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