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OHAUS MB25 Moisture Analyzers
OHAUS MB25 Moisture Analyzers
OHAUS MB25 Moisture Analyzers
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Jual OHAUS MB25 Moisture Analyzers

Spesifikasi OHAUS MB25 Moisture Analyzers

OHAUS MB25 Moisture Analyzers

Moisture Balance
Flexible performance
Provides accurate results at 0.05% readability
Halogen heating, element
It is ideal for textiles, wastewater, ceramics, food and other applications
Simple to operate
Easy to clean
Has a compact design
Improve process control
Increase profits
Durable construction
Complies with AOAC Official Methods
Languages: English

Location: Indoor use only
Temperature: 10° C to 40° C
Relative humidity: 15 % to 80 % at 30° C non-condensing
Warm up time: At least 15 minutes after connecting the Analyzer to the AC supply; when switched from standby mode the Analyzer is ready for immediate use.
Height above sea level: Up to 2000 m
Voltage fluctuations: -15% + 10% 
Power load: MB25: 250W; MB23: 300W ( Maximum during drying process) 
Power line fuse: 1 piece, 5 x 20mm, 8A 250V
Protected against dust and water, Pollution degree: 2, Installation category: Class II
Capacity: 110g
Readability ( % requires > 10g sample) 0.005g ; 0.05% 
Temperature Settings: 50° C to 160° C ( 5° increments) 
Heat Source: Halogen
Calibration – Weight: 50g
Calibration – Temperature: OHAUS Temperature Calibration Kit
Pan Size: 90mm diameter

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