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Partech SludgeWatch Ultra Sludge Blanket Monitor
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Jual Partech SludgeWatch Ultra Sludge Blanket Monitor

Spesifikasi Partech SludgeWatch Ultra Sludge Blanket Monitor

Partech SludgeWatch Ultra Sludge Blanket Monitor

The easy to use system has been specifically designed for these applications and makes use of an easy drop down menu structure to allow hassle free site configuration. The monitor provides all the setup and diagnostic information required to get the best performance out of the system.


The screen image shown to the right demonstrates the depth of information that is provided. Typically a monitor that is showing a wide ‘gate’ is indicating that the settlement process in not functioning well.

Advanced echo processing algorithms allow the monitor to cope with variations in sludge density, material that is floating in the tanks and moving scrappers arms.The monitor can operate two transducers, allowing two tanks to be controlled from a single system.

The SludgeWatch Ultra transducer incorporates a fully automatic cleaning blade. Cleaning of ultrasonic sensors in sludge blanket monitoring applications is vital to

ensure that air bubbles and debris does not build up on the transducer surface.


The cleaning mechanism on our transducer has a 0.2 mm clearance between the blade and transducer face, this avoids wear on either surface increasing the life of the system.


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