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PCE Instruments PCE-T237 Digital Tachometer
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31 Okt 2019
United States
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PCE Instruments PCE-T237 Digital Tachometer

Tachometer PCE-T237 Handheld tachometer for contactless and contact speed measurement / Automatic shutdown / Memory function / LCD display / Compact design.
The tachometer PCE-T237 is a digital tachometer, which has optical as well as contact speed measurement. With the aid of the attachments, the PCE-T236 and PCE-T237 tachometers offer you the possibility of being equipped for all eventualities. However, if you do not have the possibility to get directly to the shaft with the measuring device, you can carry out an optical speed measurement with the handheld tachometer. It can therefore be used for all types of machine maintenance and for setting up plants. It does not matter what kind of machine it is. Whether it be a generator, a rotary or direct current motor.

The tachometer PCE-T237 can be used extensively. You can also use the tachometer to determine the speed of various conveyor belts. The recording of all such data can provide important information to optimize production and the machines themselves. The tachometer PCE-T237 can also be used to measure an extended distance. For example, you could measure the length of different areas or the circumference of turntables. A further additional function of the PCE-T237 should be particularly interesting for installers of ventilation systems. This allows the number of up to nine rotor blades to be stored in the device, thereby automatically calculating the speed.

Another characteristic of the PCE-T237 tachometer is the memory function. This gives you the possibility to carry out a measurement and to reproduce measured values on the screen without having to remember them. This contains the last measured value, the maximum value and the minimum value. This means that if you are just performing an optical measurement, the measured value is displayed normally. 


  • The handheld device measures optically, without contact, via the supplied reflection band (600 mm)
  • Contact measurement of rpm via cone adapter (for shaft stub or centering bore)
  • Contact measurement of m/min via surface wheel
  • Robust ABS plastic housing
  • Last measured value, min / max memory
  • Measuring adapter is exchangeable and available as a spare part

What's In The Box:

  • (1) Tachometer PCE-T237
  • (1) Conical adapter
  • (1) Measuring wheel adapter
  • (1) Surface wheel
  • (1) Reflective tape (60 mm)
  • (1) Carrying case
  • (1) Operating instructions

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