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Pen Type Digital PH Meter SK-670PH
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Jual Pen Type Digital PH Meter SK-670PH

Spesifikasi Pen Type Digital PH Meter SK-670PH

Model SK-670PH

Pen type digital PH meter. Slender rod shaped sensor section can be directly inserted into a flask or a small container at measurement. Waterproof rate is IPX4. Availble to operate the unit with wet hands (function will not be affected). The sensor is not replaceable.
* This model is not usable for certification purpose



  • Slender shaped sensor section
    The dimensions of the sensor section is 12 mm dia. x 115mm(L). Available to directly insert the sensor into a flask whose orifice is small
  • Auto temperature compensation (ATC)
  • Three points calibration for high accurate measurement
    Calibration points: pH4.01, 6.86 and 10.01 (at 25°C)
  • "Auto power-off" function turns off the unit 20 minutes after the power is turned on.
    This conserves battery life if you forget to turn off the unit.
  • Hold function
  • Waterproof rate conforming to IPX4
    The unit will not be affected in function at the touch of wet hands
Measuring factorsHydrogen iron concentration, Liquid temperature
Display rangepH2.00 to 12.00pH
Temp.0.0 to 50.0°C
Functions(1) 3 points calibration (pH 4.01, pH6.86 and pH10.01 at 25°C)
(2) Auto power-off 
(3) Hold  
(4) Auto temperature compensation (ATC)
Waterproof ratingConforming to JIS C 0920 IPX4
Operation ambientTemp.: 0 to 50°C, Humidity: less than 80%rh (no condensing)
Power requirementCoin lithium battery CR2032 x 2 pcs.
Battery lifeContinuous measurements for about 400 hours
MaterialsMain body: ABS resin  Sensor electrode: glass
DimensionsUnit including probe: (W)36×(H)224×(D)20mm
Sensor section: 12mm dia. × (L)115mm
Weightapprox. 63g (including batteries)
Accessories(1) Coin lithium battery No. CR2032 2 pcs.
(2) Glass electrode protection bottle 1 pc.
(3) Instruction manual
*  Bottles of pH standard liquids are separately purchased

pH Standard liquids MSDS in Japanese (PDF format)   Click the name 

Cat. No.Name 
6401-10Phthalate solutionpH4.01 500ml
6402-10Neutral phosphate solutionpH6.86 500ml
6403-10Carbonate solutionpH10.01 500ml

* JCSS certificate is attached
Cat. No.Name 
6401-00Phthalate solutionpH4.01 500ml (JCSS)
6402-00Neutral phosphate solutionpH6.86 500ml (JCSS)
6403-00Carbonate solutionpH10.01 500ml (JCSS)

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