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Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope 50 MHz DSO 4 Channels
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Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope 50 MHz DSO 4 Channels

Best Selling Oscilloscope

Find out why the DS1054Z is one of the top selling oscilloscopes in the WORLD since its release in September 2014. Read the reviews! Let our customers tell you what they think of this unit. Schools, companies, students and home hobbyists love the DS1054Z. Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee you cannot go wrong with this unit.

  • 50 MHz Analog Bandwidth
  • Total of 4 Analog Channels
  • Maximum Waveform Capture Rate of up to 30,000 wfms/s
  • Includes 4 RP2200 150 MHz Passive HighZ Probes
  • Low noise floor
  • USB Host for Thumb Drive
  • Large 7" Display
  • 12 Mpts of Memory - upgradeable to 24


ModelDS1054ZDS1074Z PlusDS1074Z-S PlusDS1104Z PlusDS1104Z-S Plus
Analog Bandwidth50 MHz70 MHz100MHz
Digital Connector Port for optional MSO KitNoYesYes
Max. Sample rate1GSa/s (Single-channel),  500MSa/s(Dual-channel), 250MSa/s(Fulll-channel)
Max. Memory Depth12Mpts(std.), 24Mpts(option)
Max. Waveform Capture rateUp to 30,000 wfms/s
Real Time waveform Record,
Replay and Analysis function
Up to 60, 000 Frames(Opt.)
Std. ProbesRP2200 150MHz BW Passive Probe:4 sets
Built in 2 Ch SourceNoNoYesNoYes


Sample ModeReal-time Sample
Real-time Sample Rate1 GSa/s (single-channel)
500 MSa/s (dual-channel)
250 MSa/s (four-channel)
Peak Detect4 ns
AveragingAfter both the channels finish N samples at the same time, N can be 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024.
High ResolutionThe highest resolution is 12 bit
Memory DepthSingle-channel: Auto, 12k pts, 120k pts, 1.2M pts, 12M pts and 24M pts (option) are available
Dual-channel: Auto, 6k pts, 60k pts, 600k pts, 6M pts and 12M pts (option) are available
Four-channel: Auto, 3k pts, 30k pts, 300k pts, 3M pts and 6M pts (option) are available
Number of Channelsfour-channel
Input CouplingDC, AC or GND
Input Impedance(1 MΩ±2%) || (13 pF±3 pF)
0.01X-1000X, 1-2-5 step
Maximum Input Voltage (1MΩ) Maximum input voltage of the analog channel
CAT I 300 Vrms, CAT II 100 Vrms, transient overvoltage 1000 Vpk
With RP2200 10:1 probe: CAT II 300 Vrms
Time Base Scale5 ns/div to 50 s/div
Time Base Accuracy [1]≤ ± 25 ppm
Time Base Drift≤ ± 5 ppm/Year
Delay RangePre-trigger (negative delay): ≥1 screen width
Post-trigger (positive delay): 1 s to 100,000 s
Time Base ModeY-T, X-Y, Roll, Delayed
Number of X-Ys1 path
Waveform Capture Rate [2]30,000 wfms/s (dots display)
Bandwidth (-3dB)DS1104Z: DC to 100 MHz
DS1074Z: DC to 70 MHz
Single BandwidthDS1104Z: DC to 100 MHz
DS1074Z: DC to 70 MHz
Vertical Resolution8 bit
Vertical Scale1 mV/div to 10 V/div
Offset Range1 mV/div to 499 mV/div: ± 2 V
500 mV/div to 10 V/div: ± 100 V
Bandwidth Limit120 MHz
Low Frequency Response
(AC coupling, -3dB)
≤5 Hz (on BNC)
Rise Time [1]DS1104Z: 3.5 ns
DS1074Z: 5 ns
DC Gain Accuracy [3]<10 mV: ±4% full scale
≥10 mV: ±3% full scale
DC Offset Accuracy±0.1 div ± 2 mV ± 1% offset
Channel to Channel
DC to maximum bandwidth: >40 dB
Trigger Level Range±5 div from the center of the screen
Trigger ModeAuto, Normal, Single
Holdoff Range16 ns to 10 s
High Frequency
75 kHz
Low Frequency
75 kHz
Trigger Sensitivity [1]1.0div (below 5mV or noise rejection is enabled)
0.3div (above 5mV and noise rejection is disabled)
Edge Trigger
Edge TypeRising, Falling, Rising&Falling
Pulse Trigger
Pulse ConditionPositive Pulse Width (greater than, lower than, within specified interval)
Negative Pulse Width (greater than, lower than, within specified interval)
Pulse Width Range8 ns to 10 s
Runt Trigger
Pulse ConditionNone, > (greater than), < (lower than), <> (within the specified interval)
PolarityPositive, Negative
Pulse Width Range8 ns to 4 s
Windows Trigger 
Windows TypeRising, Falling, Rising&Falling
Trigger PositionEnter, Exit, Time
Windows Time8 ns to 10 s
Nth Edge Trigger
Edge TypeRising, Falling
Idle Time16 ns to 10 s
Number of Edges1 to 65535
Slope Trigger
Slope ConditionPositive Slope (greater than, lower than, within specified interval)
Negative Slope (greater than, lower than, within specified interval)
Time Setting8 ns to 10 s
Video Trigger
Signal StandardSupport standard NTSC, PAL and SECAM broadcasting standards
Support 480P, 576P HDTV standards
Pattern Trigger
Pattern SettingH, L, X, Rising Edge, Falling Edge
Delay Trigger
Edge TypeRising, Falling
Delay Type> (greater than), < (lower than), <> (within the specified interval), >< (outside the specified interval)
Delay Time8 ns to 10 s
TimeOut Trigger 
Edge TypeRising, Falling, Rising&Falling
TimeOut Value16 ns to 10 s
Duration Trigger 
Pattern SettingH, L, X
Trigger Condition> (greater than), < (lower than), <> (within the specified interval)
Duration Time8 ns to 10 s
Setup/Hold Trigger 
Edge TypeRising, Falling
Data PatternH, L,X
Setup Time8 ns to 1 s
Hold Time8 ns to 1 s
RS232/UART Trigger
PolarityNormal, Invert
Trigger ConditionStart, Error, Check Error, Data
Baud2400 bps, 4800 bps, 9600 bps, 19200 bps, 38400 bps, 57600 bps, 115200 bps, User
Data Bits5 bits, 6 bits, 7 bits, 8 bits
I2C Trigger
Trigger ConditionStart, Restart, Stop, Missing Ack, Address, Data, A&D
Address Bits7 bits, 8 bits, 10 bits
Address Range0x0 to 0x7F, 0x0 to 0xFF, 0x0 to 0x3FF
Byte Length1 to 5
SPI Trigger
Trigger ConditionTimeOut, CS
Timeout Value16 ns to 10 s
Data Bits4 bit to 32 bit
Data Line SettingH, L, X
MeasureManual mode | Voltage deviation between cursors (ΔV)
Time deviation between cursors (ΔT)
Reciprocal of ΔT (Hz) (1/ΔT)
Track mode | Voltage and time values of the waveform point
Auto mode | Allow to display cursors during auto measurement
Auto MeasurementMeasurements of Maximum, Minimum,
Peak-Peak Value, Top Value, Bottom Value,
Amplitude, Average, Mean Square Root,
Overshoot, Pre-shoot, Frequency, Period, Rise
Time, Fall Time, Positive Pulse Width, Negative
Pulse Width, Positive Duty Cycle, Negative
Duty Cycle, Delay A~B , Delay A~B , Phase
A~B , Phase A~B
Number of
Display 5 measurements at the same time
Screen Region or Cursor Region
Average, Max, Min, Standard Deviation
Number of Measurements
Hardware 6 bits counter (channels are
WaveformA+B, A-B, A×B, A/B, FFT, &&, ||, ^, !, intg, diff, sqrt, lg, ln, exp, abs
FFT WindowRectangle, Hanning, Blackman, Hamming,Flat Top,Triangle
FFT DisplaySplit, Full Screen
FFT Vertical ScaledB/dBm, Vrms
Number of Buses
for Decoding
Decoding TypeParallel (standard), RS232/UART (option), I2C (option), SPI (option)
Display Type7.0 inches TFT LCD display
Display Resolution800 horizontal×RGB×480 vertical pixel
Display Color160,000 Color (TBD)
Persistence TimeMin, 50 ms, 100 ms, 200 ms, 500 ms, 1 s, 2 s, 5 s, 10 s, 20 s, Infinite
Display TypeDots, Vectors
Standard PortsUSB HOST, USB DEVICE, LAN, Aux (TrigOut /PassFail)
Signal Sourse (DS1000Z-S) 
Number of Channels 2
Sample Rate 200 MSa/s
Vertical Resolution 14 bits
Highest  Frequency 25 MHz
Standard Waveform Sine, Square, Pulse, Triangle, Noise, DC
Arbitrary Waveform Since, Exp.Rise, EXP.Fall, ECG, Gauss, Lorentz, Haversine
Sine Frequency Range 0.1 Hz to 25 MHz
 Flatness ±0.5 dB (relative to 1 kHz)
 Harmonic Distortion -40 dBc
 Stray (Non-Harmonic) -40 dBc
 Total Harmonic Distortion 1%
 Signal-to-Noise ration 40 dB
Square/Pulse Frequency Range 0.1 Hz to 15 MHz
 Rise/Fall time <15 ns
 Overshoot <5%
 Duty Cycle 10% to 90%
 Duty Cycle  Resolution 1% to 10 ns (select the greater one)
 Minimum Pulse Width 20 ns
 Pulse Width Resolution 10 ns or 5 bits (select the greater one)
 Jitter 500 ps
Triangle Frequency Range 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz
 Linearity 1%
 Symmetry 0 to 100%
Noise [1] Bandwidth25 MHz
Internal Generated
 Frequency Range 0.1 Hz to 1 MHz
Arbitrary Waveforms Frequency Range 0.1 Hz to 10 MHz
 Waveform Length 2 to 16k pts
Frequency Accuracy100 ppm (lower than 10 kHz)
50 ppm (greater than 10 kHz)
 Resolution 0.1 Hz or 4 bit, select the greater one
Amplitude Output Range 20 mVpp to 5 Vpp, High-resistance
10 mVpp to 2.5 Vpp, 50 Ω
 Resolution 100 μV or 3 bit, select the greater one
 Accuracy 2% (1 kHz)
DC Offset Range ±2.5 V, High-resistance
±1.25 V, 50 Ω
 Resolution 100 μV or 3 bit, select the greater one
 Accuracy 2% (1 kHz)
General Specifications
Probe Compensation Output
Output Voltage [1]About 3 V, peak-peak
Frequency [1]1 kHz
Power Voltage100-240 V, 45-440 Hz
PowerMaximum 50 W
Fuse2 A, T degree, 250 V
Temperature RangeIn operation: 0°C to +50°C
Out of operation: -40°C to +70°C
Cooling MethodFan
Humidity Range0° to +30°C : ≤95°C relative humidity
+35°C to +40°C : ≤75°C relative humidity
+40°C to +50°C : ≤45°C relative humidity
AltitudeIn operation: under 3,000 meters
Out of operation: under 15,000 meters
Dimensions [4]Width×Height×Depth =313.1 mm× 160.8 mm×122.4 mm
Weight [4]Without package | 3.2 kg ± 0.2 kg
With package | 3.8 kg ± 0.5 kg
Adjustment Interval
 The recommended calibration interval is one year.
Regulation Standards
CompatibilityExecution standard EN 61326-1:2006 EN
SafetyUL 61010-1:2004; CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO.
EN 61010-1:2001; IEC 61010-1:2001
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