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Simple  SDI 2000 Automatic Portable SDI Silt Density Index Tester
Simple  SDI 2000 Automatic Portable SDI Silt Density Index Tester
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Jual Simple SDI 2000 Automatic Portable SDI Silt Density Index Tester

Spesifikasi Simple SDI 2000 Automatic Portable SDI Silt Density Index Tester

Simple SDI

Simple SDI 2000 Automatic Portable SDI Silt Density Index Tester


Simple SDI silt density index meter offers automatic and portable Silt Density Index testing. The Simple SDI microprocessor precision plus high resolution flow measurement guides you through the test process accurately calculates the SDI of the water, eliminating manual calculations and margin of error.

Clear, easy to read LCD display prompts the operator through the test procedure and displays current test data while silt density index tests are underway. Audible alerts notify the operator at the end of the silt density index test as well as if any errors have occurred.

Benefits of Simple SDI Automatic Silt Density Index Tester

  • Routine SDI measurement can prevent membrane fouling and improve the efficiency of RO systems.
  • simple SDI offers automated test process for simpler, easier and accurate SDI measurements.
  • simple SDI is compact, lightweight and battery powered for easy portability.
  • Performs SDI 5, 10 and 15 minute tests with both 100 ml and 500 ml sample size tests – provides useful data which is especially helpful on high SDI waters.
  • Unattended operation. Start the simple SDI test and return in 15 minutes for the results – saves you time.
  • Real-time display of results including SDI, current flow rate and elapsed time. End of test display includes SDI 5, 10 & 15 with 100 ml and 500 ml results.
  • More accurate than hand testing (ASTM D 4189-95) – consistent results provides better information.
  • Uses standard 47 mm membrane filters – for lower consumable cost and worldwide availability.


    Model: Simple SDI Part #: 182-10025 Test Results: SDI-5, SDI-10, and SDI-15 Dimensions:

  10.75" x 9.75" x 5"

(273mm x 248mm, x 127mm) Electrical:

  Battery: 6V 1.3 AH SLA type.  

13 hours testing/charge. Power supply:

  110VAC-9VDC 500ma or 

220VAC-9VDC 500 ma Water Pressure: 35 - 100 psi Water Temperature: 35-100°F Test Inlet: 1/4" OD Tubing     Features of Simple SDI Automatic Silt Density Index Tester​

  • Rugged Crush-Proof Carrying Case: durable protection for the meter, withstands harsh field conditions.
  • Pressure Gauge: Accurate, easy to read.
  • Full Port ½” Ball Valve: Minimal pressure drop – allows testing on as low as 35 psi feed pressure.
  • Microprocessor Based Controller: Highly accurate and easy to use
  • Batter Powered for True Portability: Up to 13 hours of continuous testing between charges. (System powers down to extend battery life when not conducting a test.)
  • Membrane Filter Holder: Uses standard 47 mm filters for standards compliance and lower operating cost.
  • Direct SDI Portable Silt Density Index Tester
  • Dimensions: 10.75”W x 9.75”D x 5”H (273mm W x 248mm D x 127 mm H)
  • Battery: 6v 1.3 AH SLA type. 13 hours testing/charge
  • Power Supply: 110VAC-9VDC 500ma / 220VAC-9VDC 500ma 
  • Operating Pressure: 35 – 100 psi
  • Temperature: 35 – 100°F


Also Included in Simple SDI: Power Supply Battery Charger, 50 Micron Prefilter, 10 Membrane Filters, Tweezers



SIMPLE SDI Kit includes ten (10) SDI membrane filters. A filter pack should also be purchased.

      Part #: SDI-045


Filters for SDI Testing 47mm 0.45 MF white disk membrane filters.

Pack of 100


SDI Membrane Filters for SDI Kit Part #: 182-30050

Replacement 50 Micron Pre-filter for Simple SDI Tester


50 Micron Prefilter for Simple SDI Tester

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