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Sk Sato 1013-00 Thermohygrometer Model TH-300
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Sk Sato 1013-00 Thermohygrometer Model TH-300

The large Dial has a diameter of 25 cm. Simple and functional design is suitable for large rooms.



Measuring range

Temperature -30 to 50°C Humidity 20 to 100%


±2°C for Temperature, ±5% (15 to 25°C) for Humidity

Size and weight

(W)285 x (H)285 x (D)35mm approx. 730g

Box contains

1 x 10 carton(s)


Related Product

Thermometer Model T-3001012-00Thermometer Model T-300A large Dial with a diameter of 25 cm makes this very easy to see.
Thermohygrometer Model TH-2001011-00Thermohygrometer Model TH-200Indicates temperature and humidity on a 15 cm diameter of Dial. Perfect for living rooms and kitchens.
Thermometer Model T-2001010-00Thermometer Model T-200The white graduation makes a radiant contrast against a vivid blue 15 cm Dial.


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