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Solid NDT - Lpad H210 Leeb hardness tester with block (Ready Stock)
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Jual Solid NDT - Lpad H210 Leeb hardness tester with block (Ready Stock)

Spesifikasi Solid NDT - Lpad H210 Leeb hardness tester with block (Ready Stock)

Solid NDT - Lpad H210 Leeb hardness tester with block

Lpad H210 Portable Hardness Tester based Leeb hardness measuring principle, can quickly and easily measure a variety of metal materials, hardness measurement values are displayed simultaneously, you can freely switch between different hardness standard, can be pre-set tolerance range, out of range automatic alarm. Relying on stable, low-power IC integrated circuits, full Chinese display, simple menu-driven operation and powerful. Embedded high-capacity memory chips, but also external U disk storage. 200 hours of standby time. Particularly suitable for field work and field operations.


Measuring range:(170-960)HLD(17.9-69.5)HRC(19-683)HB(80-1042)HV(30.6-102.6)HS (59.1-88)HRA (13.5-101.7)HRB

Precision value for:HLD:±0.5% (800HLD)

Storage and interface:USB

Continuous working time:200hours

Instrument turnning:5kg

The product gross weight:4.8kg

Product can be colors:black and red

Appearance size:130*80*35mm

Repeatability Value

HLD:0.8%   (800HLD)


 LCD display



Power Supply

Rechargeable lithium battery

Working Hours

About 10 hours

Working Conditions

Operating temperature: 10-50 c;

Storage temperature: -30 ℃ -60 ℃;

Humidity: 90% max;

Standard Equipped:

The instrument host         The nylon brush

Small bearing rings

The ABS instrument





Applicable Materials

Steel and cast steel alloy tool steel stainless steel gray cast iron nodular cast iron cast aluminum alloy copper zinc alloys (brass) an alloy of copper and tin copper(bronze)


Bearings and other parts;

Failure analysis of pressure vessel steam turbine generator group and equipment;

Heavy workpieces;

Mechanical or permanent assembly installed;

The test space is very narrow;

The original record of formal requirements on test results;


Hardness Tester

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