Stuart SMP30 - Melting Point Apparatus

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Spesifikasi Stuart SMP30 - Melting Point Apparatus

Stuart SMP30 - Melting Point Apparatus

  • SMP30 Melting Point Apparatus
  • Maximum temperature 400°C
  • Patented head up display
  • Integrated cooling 350°C to 50°C in 10 minutes
  • Large easy to read user friendly interface
  • 1.3 mm ID capillary tubes

Designed for fast accurate determination of melting points, the SMP30 can take three samples simultaneously within the optimised heating block, the unit has a maximum temperature of 400°C. To allow maximum flexibility a plateau facility is included with variable ramp rate between 0.5 and 10°C in 0.1°C increments. The tubes are illuminated with bright white LED's to give the clearest view of the samples during the melt. The block has been designed for easy access for cleaning, the front of the head is fully removable to allow full access to the micro furnace.

The SMP30 has a large clear back lit alphanumeric LCD display, running the menu system which clearly guides you through the melting process with comprehensive directions. Language is switchable between English, German, French and Italian. It is possible to record up to 7 events in memory for each of the three sample tubes, as well as being temperature stamped these events are also date and time recorded, thanks to the integrated real time clock.

The SMP30 features the patent pending head up display, this unique feature displays a floating image of the block temperature, visible through the eyepiece, in front of the tubes. The head up display eliminates the need for the user to keep switching their gaze between the tubes and the temperature display, through the eyepiece they can now see both at once.

In The Box


pack of 100 capillary tubes (open at one end), 1.3 mm ID

Stuart SMP30 Specification

Number of samples 3

Temperature range Ambient to 400°C

Temperature resolution 0.1°C

Display 40 x 4 LCD

Ramp rates 0.5-10°C in 0.1°C increments

Temperature sensor PT1000 Platinum resistance

Memory 8 results per tube

Accessory printer available Yes

Date/time display Yes

Cool down time 350-50°C ~12 mins

Heat up time 50-350°C ~ 6 mins

Electrical supply 120V / 230V, 50-60Hz,

Language variants English, German, French, Italian

Temperature units °C

Dimensions, mm (w x d x h) 325 x 200 x 170

Net weight, kg 3.6

IP Rating 30

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