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Tinker Rasor Model CE-IT  Below Ground Insulator Tester
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Jual Tinker Rasor Model CE-IT Below Ground Insulator Tester

Spesifikasi Tinker Rasor Model CE-IT Below Ground Insulator Tester

Tinker Rasor Model CE-IT  Below Ground Insulator Tester


  • Gives test results via digital display

  • Results given

    • Effectiveness of Buried Pipe Insulators

    • Isolation condition of pipelines in road crossing casings

  • Good to indicate broken wire

  • Automatic off to ensure long battery life


  • Instrument

  • (6) AA Batteries

  • Connector with leads and clamps

  • Instructions Manual

CE-IT Capabilities

  • Senses & Replicates:External polarity, External Voltage,

  • Analogues,Internal Voltage Reference with External Voltage

  • Measures flowing current throughout the testing cycle

  • Gives result of test considering the above tested parameters

  • Battery life exceeds 50 hours  


  • Below Ground Insulators

  • Use successfully as a casing short investigative tool

  • Use Regardless of CP or other current/voltage present or structure


  • Battery Operated

  • (6) Alkaline "AA" batteries (replaceable)

  • Cables and probes included


  • 8" x 4"  x 3", 2 lbs. (203mm x 101.6mm x 76.2mm, 0.907kg)

Parts & Accessories

  • #085-114 CE-IT Instrument 

  • #026--050 Cable Connector Assembly

  • #010-002 Battery, AA Cells Each CE-IT Takes Six Each


Insulation Tester

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