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SK SATO Waterproof Digital Thermometer Model SK-270WP (with S270WP-01 probe)
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Jual SK SATO Waterproof Digital Thermometer Model SK-270WP (with S270WP-01 probe)

Spesifikasi SK SATO Waterproof Digital Thermometer Model SK-270WP (with S270WP-01 probe)

SK SATO Waterproof Digital Thermometer Model SK-270WP (with S270WP-01 probe)

Handy type waterproof digital thermometer. Ideal for food factories, kitchen facilities and like that are required temperature management at the site using water.

Model SK-270WP Waterproof digital thermometer is suitable for the applications requiring temperature management in the sites using water such as food industry, kitchen facilities and like.


Display range-50.0 to 300.0°C
Display accuracy±(0.1+1digit) at -40.0 to 200.0°C  ±5digits at other range
Measuring ambient:  0  to 40°C
Display samplingapprox. 0.5 to 1 sec.
(when temperature changes a lot, the sampling time is 0.5 sec. and it is calm, it automatically changes to 1 sec.)
Display functionsHOLD, MAX, MIN, HACCP (temp./time), buzzer (70 dB), Auto power-off, low battery mark
Degree of protectionJIS C 0920 IPX6 When the unit and a probe are connected
Applicable standardEN61326-1:2013
Operation ambient-10 to 60°C, less than 80%rh (no condensing)
Power requirements2 AAA size alkali batteries
Battery lifeApprox. 1000 hours (at normal measurement)
Approx. 500 hours when buzzer function is active
MaterialsBody: PB (polycarbonate) resin
Display section: Key switch: PET resin
Dimensionsapprox. (W)70×(H)171×(D)40mm (exclusive of connector)
Weightapprox. 55g (inclusive of batteries)
AccessoriesStandard probe S270WP-01 1 pc. vinyl cover 1 pc. neck strap 1 pc., AAA size alkali battery 2 pcs.  manual

 Specifications of optional probes
Cat. No.No.8079-01No.8079-02No.8079-03No.8079-04No.8079-05No.8079-06
Measuring range-40.0 to 250.0°C-40.0 to 40.0°C
Accuracy-40.0 to -10.0°C: ±1.5°C
- 9.9 to 105.0°C: ±0.5°C
105.1 to 150.0°C: ±0.7°C
150.1 to 199.9°C: ±1.0°C
200.0 to 250.0°C: ±1.5°C
-40.0 to -30.1°C: ±1.3°C
- 30.0 to -20.1°C: ±1.0°C
- 20.0 to -10.0°C :±0.5°C
- 9.9 to 40.0°C: ±0.3°C
Sensing elementThermistor
Waterproof rateJIS C 0920 IPX7  (when the probe is connected with the main unit)
Shape of stem endPoint endRound endPoint
+ Ø3×L55mm
Cordapprox. 0.7m
AccessoriesTest result
IPX7: Protect against effect of temporary immersion 1m in water under the normal temperature
These optional probes can not be used with SK-250WPII series digital thermometers

Dimensions of Optional probes 

No.8079-01 Standard probe S270WP-01 Sensing part: Ø3×L100mm (point end)
No.8079-02 Penetration probe S270WP-02 Sensing part: Ø3×L200mm (point end)
No.8079-03 Long stem probe S270WP-03 Sensing stem: Ø3×L400mm (round end)
No.8079-04 Penetration probe S270WP-04 Sensing stem: Ø2×L150mm (point end)
No.8079-05 Penetration probe S270WP-05 Sensing stem: Ø2×L45mm + Ø3×L55mm (point end)
No.8079-06 Low temperature probe S270WP-06 Sensing part: Ø3×L100mm (point end)

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