Megohmmeter 10kV AEMC Model 6550 Catalog 2130.31

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Megohmmeter 10kV AEMC Model 6550 Catalog 2130.31

Megohmmeter Model 6550 (Graphical, Analog Bargraph, Backlight, Alarm, Timer, 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V, 10kV, Ramp, StepV, Variable, Auto DAR/PI/DD, USB, w/DataView Software)

Live measurement of the voltage to warn the operator of potential unsafe conditions

Programmable thresholds to trigger audible

Timed measurement duration checks

Detection and measurement of input voltage, frequency, and current prior to running a test

Non-destructive (Early break) test, test stopped at a preset current (Break at I-limit) or Burn mode with no predefined stop point

Digital filtering of insulation measurements

Fuse protection with display indication of defective fuse condition

Measurements at a fixed test voltage of 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10,000VDC

Ramp voltage measurements with a ramp from 40 to 1100V

Step voltage measurements with steps from 40 to 10,000V

Stores up to 80,000 measurements

The Megohmmeter Model 6550 is a high-end portable measuring instrument intended for the measurement of a wide variety of electrical insulation resistance values on cables and devices operating at high voltage. It is the only fully automated 10,000V graphical insulation tester. The Model 6550 is packaged in a rugged case that is IP54 when closed. Test results and configuration information is provided on a graphical LCD screen as well as exportable through the use of DataView software provided. This megohmmeter can operate on battery or AC power while testing.

Tech Specs

Micro / Milli / Meg Ohmmeters/Megohmmeter / Insulation Resistance Testers Template

IR Test Voltage 1,000 V, 10,000 V, 2,500 V, 5,000 V, 500 V

Maximum Insulation Resistance 25 T Ohms (25000 G Ohms) 

Automated Test Results Dielectric Absorption Ratio, Dielectric Discharge, Leakage Current, Step Voltage

Type Battery, Line

Minimum Insulation Resistance 10 K Ohms (0.00001 G Ohms)

Variable Incremental Voltage Yes 

Display (Megohmmeter) Digital, Graphical

Continuity Test Yes

Live Circuit Voltage Detection Yes 

Power Supply Battery, Line Powered

Timer Yes

CAT Rating IV

CAT Voltage 1,000 V

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