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Police Motorcycle Radar Stalker

Police Motorcycle Radar and Lidar

All of Stalker Radar’s Ka-Band hand-held and dash mounted radar units can also be used as police motorcycle radar systems, and our lidar guns are also able to be used from a motorcycle. Waterproof antennas, remote controls, and displays allow you to enforce the law even in bad weather, and custom-designed holsters keep your radar or lidar gun handy.

Police Motorcycle Radar Gun

Stalker II

The Stalker II was made to withstand even the harshest conditions. Unlike many of the competition’s radar guns which are made of plastic, the Stalker II is manufactured out of die-cast metal and is completely waterproof in up to two feet of water. 

Fixed-Mounted Radar for Your Motorcycle

Built for the worst conditions

Durable, accurate products designed for continuous duty in the worse conditions. Stalker waterproof display and remote control units are 0-ring sealed and designed to resist leakage in 2 feet of water for 1 hour. And, our Stalker heavy duty mounts and bracket are available for nearly any application

Waterproof Displays

Holsters for and mounts for hand-held radar

Waterproof cables

Waterproof remote Controls

Antenna mounts

Bracket and mounts

Compact radar Display

Small footprint

User-programmable soft keys

Flexible mounting options

LCD display visible in all lighting conditions

Left or Right side connections available

Compact Remote Control

Small footprint

Flexible mounting options

Stalker’s Ka-Band dash-mounted radar units can be installed on a motorcycle, and can be paired with waterproof compact displays and remotes. Large buttons ensure easy use even while wearing gloves. 


Our top-of-the-line dual-zone radar with two antennas, moving and stationary modes, and same direction and optional direction functionality. Simultaneously track up to 4 targets at the same time.


Exceptional range and instant-on make the DSR one of our customer’s favorites. Track-Thru lock, voice annunciation on lock, and the ability to choose between approaching-only or going-away-only modes also set this radar unit apart from the competition.


Set your target parameters before you start patrolling, so you can devote your full attention to navigating in close city traffic with the DUAL SL. It also features same or opposite direction tracking, strongest and faster speed tracking, and automatic same-direction operation. 

Custom Holsters and Mounts for All the Most Popular Law Enforcement Motorcycle

Keep your radar gun safe by your side using Stalker’s extensive selection of motorcycle holsters and mounts, including waterproof and lockable options for extra security.

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