Stalker PMG Radar Speed Sign and Messaging Sign

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Stalker PMG Radar Speed Sign and Messaging Sign

Pole-Mounted Graphic Display

Powerful Radar Speed Sign

- Display Vehicle Speeds

Stalker’s legendary radar technology is at the heart of the PMG. This radar sign can accurately record vehicle speeds and sizes in both directions, and display approaching traffic speed almost instantaneously. Trigger flashing displays, optional white, amber, or red/blue strobes when certain speed conditions are met or program your sign to display “SLOW DOWN” warnings in conjunction with preset speed thresholds.

- MUTCD and NTCIP Compliant

You can select from an optional collection of sign surrounds, including an MUTCD-Compliant “YOUR SPEED” option. The PMG also comes with an optional NTCIP compliant communications package to allow for integration into a centralized control system in a mixed manufacturer equipment environment.

- Easy to Relocate

Even with its durable construction, the PMG radar speed sign is lightweight and can be relocated with our two-part mount, so as traffic patterns change and your city’s needs evolve over time, the PMG can move with you. 

- Rugged Weatherproof Sign

The PMG features a durable aluminum housing (NEMA-3R) designed to stand up to year-round weather conditions, rain or shine.  Our all aluminum housings make them more durable in the long run and less suspectable to vandalism. Our attention to detail keeps your radar and data safe and secure.

- Low-Speed Model Available

There are environments where slower detection speeds are required, such as warehouses, supply yards, boating “no wake” areas, and other low speed, high-risk environments.

The new Low-Speed PMG model is designed to initially trigger at speeds as low as 3 MPH  (~5 km/h) for small vehicles, and can trigger at even lower speeds for larger targets. The Low-Speed PMG model can then display as low as 1 MPH after initial triggering.

The standard speed version of the PMG sign triggers at an initial speed of 5 MPH (~8 km/h).

Power options

- Battery Backpack

Add up to four batteries to the back of your PMG sign for extended operating time between recharging.

- Solar Power

Add a solar panel to your PMG for nearly unlimited sign life with no need to swap batteries.

- AC/DC Power

Connect directly to either AC or DC power sources for constant power

Mounting options

- Vehicle Hitch Mount

Allows you to mount your sign to any vehicle with a standard trailer hitch for stationary use. 

- Mini-Trailer Mount

Tow your PMG anywhere.

- Standard Pole Mounting

Attach your PMG to round & square metal or wood poles and posts

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