Stalker's Police Lidar Guns - Lidar RLR

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Stalker's Police Lidar Guns - Lidar RLR

Rugged Police Lidar Gun Featuring Top-of-the-Line Features

The Stalker RLR police Lidar is built to perform under the harshest conditions. Waterproof and dustproof, it’s the Lidar built for the real world.  Industry-leading range and accuracy and lightning-fast acquisition time, all included in a lightweight unit with batteries that last for multiple shifts. 

Unique Modes increase ease of use and functionality

- Auto Obstruction Mode with C-Thru Technology

Allows the operator to track targets that were previously impossible due to fences, trees, signage, etc.

- School Zone/ Construction Zone Mode

Allows the operator to easily define a specific area such as a school zone or reduced-speed construction zone, and then the RLR will only obtain vehicle speeds when they are within those boundaries.

- Inclement Weather Mode

Allows the laser to function in rain, snow, blowing dust, fog, etc. 

- Following-Too-Close Mode

Calculates the distance between two moving vehicles in the same lane so you can enforce safe driving practices.

Amazing Range

With a 4000’+ (1.2 km+) handheld range for inbound targets and an over 9,500’ (2.9 km+) range on outbound targets, the RLR goes to great lengths to deliver fast, accurate results from just about any position.

All-Day Use

With rechargeable batteries that last for 2-3 shifts, you’ll always be prepared to take speed readings. It’s ergonomic handle design and light weight design make it comfortable enough to use all day long. In fact, Stalker Lidars are the smallest, lightest-weight Lidar guns available in their class.

User-Friendly Display

The Stalker RLR’s new full-character LCD display and simple menu system make it the most user-friendly Lidar on the market. 

Data Logging

Capturing and logging speed and time data is as easy as pulling the trigger. Store up to 3,000 unique data sets in non-volatile memory. Choose to capture the data automatically or only when accepted by the operator.

Stay Connected

Wireless connectivity allows communication with peripherals such as printers or sign displays. It also allows the RLR to connect to a PC to transfer the Data Logging information to your computer.

Lidar RLR Features

Anti-jamming capability

Four unique modes: Auto Obstruction mode with C-Thru Technology, School Zone/Construction Zone Mode, Inclement Weather Mode, and Following-Too-Close Mode

Full-character LCD display

Shoots through windshields

Lightest-weight hand-held Lidar gun in the industry (2.3 lbs./1.09 kg)

Wireless connectivitymwarning

Calibration expiration notice

Acquires target speeds in as little as 1/3 second


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