SVANTEK SV 102A+ Class 1 Dual-Channel Noise Dosimeter

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SVANTEK SV 102A+ Class 1 Dual-Channel Noise Dosimeter

The SV 102A+ is a Class 1 dual-channel noise dosimeter, integrating two distinct functionalities: dual-channel noise measurement and Class 1 frequency range capability. The dual-channel feature allows for simultaneous noise exposure assessment on both sides of the head or in configurations such as underneath a headset and on a shoulder, enhancing the accuracy of noise exposure data in diverse working environments. This capability is particularly beneficial for assessing asymmetric noise exposure, where noise may predominantly come from one direction.

Class 1 accuracy of the SV 102A+ signifies its ability to measure a full frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This is a critical feature for workplaces with high-frequency noise sources, as standard Class 2 dosimeters typically measure up to only 8 kHz. The wider frequency range makes sure that the instrument meets the requirements of ISO 9612 for Class 1 instruments, which is important for accurate noise assessment in places where there is a lot of high-frequency noise.

The SV 102A+ also features audio recording, facilitating unattended noise measurements. This capability allows for the playback of recorded noise to identify and verify noise sources, a requirement under ISO 9612 for distinguishing work-related noise from non-work-related noise sources. Additionally, the dosimeter’s 1/1 octave analysis feature enables the precise selection of hearing protectors based on the specific noise environment, further enhancing workplace safety.

The standard SV 102A+ kit includes SV15 preamplifier with cable, SV 7052E microphone, 2x AA batteries, 8 GB memory card and a USB cable for communication with PC. Each SV 102A+ has its factory calibration certificate. The standard kit also includes license for PC software.


  • Applications

Sound measurements:

Occupational noise:

  • Hardware Features

Number of channels: 2


Keyboard lock:

Remote communication: -

Bluetooth: -

Communication Interfaces: USB

LED indicator:


Keyboard: 4 buttons

Memory: 32 GB

Battery type: Two AA batteries (alkaline)

Operating time: > 16 h

Operating temperature range: from -10'C to 50'C

Humidity range: up to 90 % RH

Weight: 260g

Size: 95 x 83 x 33 mm

Docking station required: -

  • Sound measurements features

Standards: IEC 61252; ANSI S1.25-1991; Class 1: IEC 61672-1:2013, ISO 11904-1

Microphone type: ACO SV 7052E, prepolarised, 1/2” ; SV 25S, special microphone with probe for MIRE

Preamplifier type: SV 15

Linear operating range to IEC 61672: 45 dBA Leq÷ 141 dBA Peak

Frequency range: 20 Hz ÷ 20 kHz

Weighting filters: A, C and Z

Time constants: Slow, Fast, Impulse

Statistics in octaves or third octaves:

Audio recording: option

Voice coments:

1/1 octave: option

1/3 octave: option

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