SVANTEK SV 258 PRO - Vibration and Noise Monitoring Station

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SVANTEK SV 258 PRO - Vibration and Noise Monitoring Station

The vibration and noise monitoring station SV258 PRO is dedicated to building vibration measurements that use methods based on Peak Particle Velocity and Dominant Frequency. The measurement of human vibration exposure in buildings is possible as the program allows simultaneous measurement of velocity and acceleration of vibrations with two independent steps of recording. In addition, it is possible to enrich the measurement with noise monitoring measurement data.

Users can use predefined settings compatible with commonly used standards such as DIN 4150-3 or BS 7385-2 or configure a criterion curve based on FFT or 1/3 Octave analysis by local standards. The 1/3 octave method is also used for vibration measurements of sensitive equipment with VC curves.

The SV 258 PRO kit consists of two carrying cases. The main unit is a waterproof carrying case with an internal 17 Ah battery and an internal controller supporting powering from an external DC or solar panel. The SVAN 958A Class 1 vibration and sound level meter is installed inside the main unit. The outdoor charger and vibration accelerometer are packed inside the second transportation case. The kit includes a license for SvanPC++ software and a SvanNET base account service. Each kit has its factory calibration certificate.


  • Applications

Sound measurements:

Environmental noise:

Building/ground vibration:

  • Hardware Features

Number of channels:  4

Self-vibration detection: -

Auto-calibration: -

Remote system check: -

Keyboard lock: -

Remote communication:

Bluetooth: -

GPS module: -

Communication Interfaces: 4G, USB

LED indicator:


Keyboard: 9 buttons

Memory: 32GB

Battery type: Internal battery 17 Ah

Operating time: up to 7 days

Operating temperature range: -10 °C ÷ +50 °C

Weight: ca 9 kg

Size: 420 x 340 x 210 mm

IP rate: IP 65

  • Sound measurements features

Standards: Class 1: IEC 61672-1

Microphone type: 50mV/Pa

Preamplifier type: SV 12L

Linear operating range to IEC 61672: 26 dBA Leq ÷ 140 dBA Peak

Total measurement range: 16 dBA Leq÷ 140 dBA Peak

Internal noise: < 16 dBA Leq

Frequency range: 3.5 Hz ÷ 20 kHz

Weighting filters: A, C, Z, G

Profiles per channel: 3

Min logging step: 1s

Statistics: LN

Statistics in octaves or third octaves:

Noise directivity detection: -

Audio recording:  -

Audio streaming: -

1/1 octave: -

1/3 octave: -

RT60: -

  • Vibration measurement features

Standards: DIN 4150-3, DIN 4150-2, BS 7385-2, VC-CURVES, USER FFT, USER 1/3 OCT

Number of channels:  3

Sensor type: 1V/g

Input type: IEPE

Measurement range:  0.0005 m/s2 RMS ÷ 50 m/s2 PEAK

Frequency range: 0.2 Hz ÷ 315 Hz

Profiles per channel: 2

Time constants: 125ms

Min logging step: 1s

1/1 octave: -

1/3 octave:

WAV recording:


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